Undangan & Background


With this letter, on behalf of the Indonesian Catholic Community of Columbus (under the St. Thomas More Newman Center), we would like to invite you to be part of the Indonesian biennial (once every 2 years) convention in the United States called Jamboree which would be held from 2nd – 4th of July 2011. We had been privileged and blessed by Him to be given the opportunity to host this very special event in Ohio.

This event brings the Indonesian Catholic Communities together from all age groups and location in the United States and this gives them a chance to share and learn about the different life and faith experiences.  Jamboree has also become an avenue to share moments of grace to share, study, and reflect the richness of God’s love, unity in diversity.

Each year Jamboree has a different focus and theme that each of the chosen Catholic Community discerns for and shares with the whole Indonesian Catholic Community. With the grace of God, we have chosen the theme for Jamboree 2011 to be: The motivation for Catholics, especially the young people today, to apply their Christian faith in everyday life in the midst of this secular world, and how parents can support and play an important role to emphasize the importance of this in their children’s life. The Bible verse we chose for this theme is taken from Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

The event will be held at: Camp Lebanon - 4464 Emmons Road, Oregonia, OH 45036. More detailed information and photos about the event and place can be found on: Jambore2011.com

Background of Jamboree:

The 1st Jamboree was held in 2001 in Atlanta, GA. The original purpose in having the Jamboree was to assemble a unity among Indonesian Catholic groups in the US (& Canada) which mostly was not in contact with each other. Several topics which were discussed in the first Jamboree are about: Giving scholarships to the poor children in Indonesia, creating networks and relationships between the Indonesian Catholic groups and the local Churches, and continuing with the 2nd convention. The total participants at the 1st national convention were 150 people and it became 400 people at the 2nd convention in Washington D.C. Then it was decided that the convention was to be held every 2 years.

1st Jamboree: September 1-2, 2001 in Atlanta, GA

Theme: “Fellowship in Faith” – This convention resulted in a commitment to build joint relationships with the local parishes and dioceses as well as active participation in educating the poor children in Indonesia through scholarships.

2nd Jamboree: September 1, 2002 in Washington D.C.

Theme: “Come and See” – This convention resulted in a realization to create a network among Indonesian Catholic groups in the US. The other topics discussed were still around realizing the active participation in supporting and educating the poor children in Indonesia.

3rd Jamboree: September 4-6, 2004 in Dallas, TX

Theme: “Walk Humbly with God” – This convention was used to build up relationships among participants and strengthen their Catholic faith.

4th Jamboree: June 29 – July 1, 2007 in Orange County, CA

Theme: “Take Heart, Get Up, He is Calling You” – This convention was used mostly to discuss Immigration Reform topics and active participation of Indonesian Catholic groups in the US in pushing again a fairer immigration regulation for immigrants.

5th Jamboree: July 3-5, 2009 in Philadelphia, PA

Theme: “Who am I?” – This convention was about repositioning who we are and what our roles are in the American Catholic Church as Indonesians, including identifying the situations and identities of each Indonesian Catholic group in the US using SWOT Analysis (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat).

-Panitia Jambore 2011 @ Ohio-